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Tweaking Windows XP to run really fast

20 years 6 months ago #2222 by sahirh
Dear old Tux. When the contest was out for a logo, the said they wanted "a penguin who looks like he's very content after eating a little bit too much fish and is ready to burp."

Now can you imagine if all the fancy enterprise servers came with a lill sticker of him on the outside which said "Tux Inside"....

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
19 years 10 months ago #4788 by s0berage
one thing you should add to this list is edit your msconfig

turn off guiboot. thats a hog as well, noone needs to see a blue loading bar.

19 years 9 months ago #5261 by ZiPPy
Replied by ZiPPy on topic services
I setup my services just as Sahir did, and it runs great. Boots amazingly faster now! I love it!! 8)

I was just wondering about a problem I am having in setting up my network.
When I go into system properties the Network ID is grayed out and I am not given access to it. I go to properties also in system properties and the "Member of" options are also grayed out. Do you think one of those services disabled these options possibly? I have admin rights to this computer and should be able to pretty much change any option I please. Any advice would be great.

Basically I wanted to start my network fresh. What do you guys all use instead of the built in Microsoft networking. (Other then Novell too) ??? And just for you Linux lovers (learning it at the moment) I have a linux network setup I am currently working on. Let me tell you my friends alot more complex then just setting up a simple M$ network. But I like the challenge and the power of the linux network and servers running on it.

Thanks guys!!


19 years 9 months ago #5269 by sahirh
Yep I think you've got one of the networking services down.. try turning on computer browser and a couple of others..
off hand i cant say. Lemme chew on it for a bit ;)

Actually after this post, I've picked up a lot of really hardcore tweaks.. some registry stuff, disk layout and swap optimization etc etc.. Will take me some time to get typed up.. but to give you an idea, I can run an AMD Athlon 2600 with 512MB RAM about 40% faster than the same config machine with a vanilla XP install.

Now wait n see what I show you how to do with a stripped Linux 2.6 kernel compiled from scratch ;)

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
19 years 9 months ago #5274 by ZiPPy
Replied by ZiPPy on topic hehe
Your going to make me wait Sahir? :lol: o dear. Windows running 40% faster and more efficient is a HUGE plus in my book. I am also curious to see that striped Linux 2.6 kernal. Now when your talking about from scratch are you talking about your own kernal code? And once again Linux calls my name to get away from windows and come play with him(linux) :D

Looking forward to seeing all that stuff Sahir...I will be patient I guess...j/k 8)


18 years 2 weeks ago #15365 by sahirh
Btw, I did some testing and messed around with the infamous prefetch option in the registry. Trust me, it's not worth your time.

You're probably going to achieve more with a good defrag of the disk, MFT and swap with something like diskeeper.

Also in case I didn't mention before, kill of system restore and windows file protection.


Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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