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Tweaking Windows XP to run really fast

14 years 3 months ago #34054 by Nevins
Here is a good guide for tweaking for speed need:

Here is a good guide to check services:

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14 years 2 months ago #34283 by broadcaststorm
Back to disc size. A bit late I know but...
I have a small EISA partition (1.72Gb) and a main system partition of 929Gb (SATA) on my desk top, which is a Dell Gx620 running XP Pro SP2. I have a secondary 1Tb drive (also SATA) as a back up drive which I might turn in to a RAID 0 set up. Currently I make backups by simply cloning my system drive every so often with Acronis, so my back up drive is bootable and identical in every way to my system drive. I do the same with an external USB drive too. Belt and braces :wink:
Some minor tweaks to MSConfig means it boots quickly enough for me, and regular defrags keep it running sweet.
So for what it's worth, XP Pro SP2 seems to have no trouble with large modern HDD's, and I didn't have to make any BIOS tweaks either.
13 years 9 months ago #35594 by wokfel
Tweaking XP is not a good option. I used it and got my XP version corrupt. Why is so can anyone tell me???
13 years 2 weeks ago #37163 by k3nny
I heard you can put the Paging File on a different Hard Drive and leaving a small Paging File on the C drive which can boosts performance.
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