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Tweaking Windows XP to run really fast

17 years 7 months ago #18192 by DaLight
I must point out that defragging a highly fragmented drive and especially one with little free space usually leads to a noticeable increase in performance.
17 years 7 months ago #18219 by puneetvig
Yes, that's true windows update is not critical service. But if you are high end user, you need to install critical patches from Windows update regularly. As far as Windows installer is concern, mostly you need this application to run 3rd application on your computer.

Regarding boot up issue, let me us you this, Have you tried to disable only 3rd party services and startup item and tried to boot the computer? If yes, did you find any improvement?

If not plz try this and let me know the status..

Note: 3rd party services and startup item does not include windows update, windows installer or any other Microsoft related services...
Also I not specfic Concentrating on Windows update and installer service, there are many service which are disabled..

See Ya!!!!!! Cheers
17 years 7 months ago #18469 by Riz
Hi Sahir and everybody else..

New in this forum.Very much like it. Thank God i found a forum as benificial as this.Hope i can help and be helped in the future.


p.s. Very interesting tweak you've got there Sahir. :D
17 years 6 months ago #19049 by fatrix
i dont think that adding Xp twaeking tipps helps much.. better use all inbuilt softwares provided b microsit .. it will be more help ful thne XP Tweaking

inbulit softwares like System restore . disk management , disk clean up and all etcc...
17 years 3 months ago #20331 by sahirh
Turning off system restore + indexing service == one of the single most powerful tweaks I can think of :)

It's unfortunate, but the o/s ships with alot of stuff you don't need. Tweaking is more a question of running only what you really need.

No printer? Why spooler service?
No file sharing? Why server + workstation service?

There are many of these you can fiddle with. The o/s will still work fine. Better in fact :)


Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
17 years 3 months ago #20344 by KiLLaBeE
Just make sure that if you do make changes to the services to record the changes you made. You may forget the changes and end up pulling your hair out six months later when you can't figure out why a software/hardware won't run because it relies on one of the services.

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