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Tweaking Windows XP to run really fast

15 years 8 months ago #27816 by mspratt
First, I have 16 networked computers that have all been upgraded with Athalon 64 Dual Core, 512 MB RAM and have installed XP Pro SP2 on all of their 160 GB HDD's without any problem at all.

Second, as to boot speed, MS used to have a program named bootvis available that would optomize the boot process. Google for it.


15 years 5 months ago #29040 by sose
removimg unnecessary services is wise security wise, because the more services you remove the more risk you remove.
15 years 22 hours ago #30935 by ojibi
it so interesting i really want to get more of your motivational thounght in this am just a baby in it.

And i hope you will be there for me any time :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:



I remain for GLO
14 years 9 months ago #32334 by Inajmi
Has anyone tried Windows 7. i would love to hera what you think of it against XP
14 years 3 months ago #34051 by nitesh2101
better to use xp manager software for xp and vista manager software for vista

just visit this url u will know better [code:1][/code:1][/url]
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