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This section contains articles covering IT Security news from around the world.

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Popular Weblog Site 'MySpace' Looks to Enhance Security 7816
Hannaford Supermarket Data Breach Caused By Malware 6854
Hacker releases working GDI-bug attack code 7360
ISP typo pimping exposes users to fraudulent web pages 6780
61% of SMEs use email archiving in-house – what about the others? 9613
MyDoom worm brings down SCO website 15769
Microsoft finally releases url-spoofing patch ! 15708
IE Security Patch Breaks Some Apps.. 15718
RealNetworks warns of media player security flaws 15424
Yet Another Critical Microsoft Vulnerability 15567
Not One But Two Critical Vulnerabilities 15782
First Bug Found In Leaked Windows Source Code 15359
Nmap 3.50 Released ! 16340
A Home Users Security Checklist 15765
New Worm Poses As Microsoft Security Patch 15215
Microsoft Security Bulletin for March 15651
New Sophisticated Windows Trojan Spreading Through P2P Networks 15252
Witty worm frays patch-based security 15774
Code attacks Cisco vulnerabilities 15742
Hackers hit university supercomputers. 15731
PCs infested with 30 pieces of spyware 15622
Serious TCP/IP Vulnerability Exposed 15029
Sasser.B Worm 16703
German Police Arrest Sasser / Netsky Worm Author 15039
CISCO IOS code leaked 16828
Taiwanese virus writer arrested. 16057
First 64-bit virus is discovered by Symantec 15621
All-in-One solution for security professionals 15349
Security Group Warns Of Newly Discovered IE Flaw 15470
Osama 'Death' Pics Hide Trojan Threat 16449

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