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How to Fix Palo Alto Firewall “Error: Image File Authentication Error – Failed to Load Into Software Manager” error during PAN-OS Software Download

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palo alto firewall software upgrade errorKeeping your Palo Alto Firewall up to date with the latest PAN-OS software updates is an important step to ensure your organization is protected against the PAN-OS latest software vulnerabilities, software bugs but at the same time take advantage of Palo Alto’s latest security enhancements and capabilities.

While Palo Alto Networks makes the software upgrade process an easy task, sometimes problems can occur. One frequently seen issue is the “Error: Image File Authentication Error – Failed to Load into Software Manager” error when trying to download a new software image.

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This error can occur on a standalone or HA-Pair Firewall configuration:

palo alto firewall image file authentication error

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How To Fix The 'Image File Authentication Error'

To fix this problem, simply click the Check Now link at the bottom left corner. This will force the Palo Alto Firewall to connect to the update server and refresh the list of available software images:

palo alto firewall checking for new software

 As soon as the above refresh process is complete, you can proceed to download the desired software image:

palo alto firewall download new software PAN-OS image

The screenshot below confirms the selected image has been downloaded and loaded into software manager, ready to be installed:

palo alto firewall new PAN-OS software image downloaded

More Information About The Error

The “Error: Image File Authentication Error – Failed to Load into Software Manager” error is encountered after initiating the download of any image from within the Software area:

palo alto firewall - initiate software download

As soon as the user initiates the download process, the Firewall will begin downloading the selected PAN-OS version. Once the download is complete the progress bar reaches the 99% mark and will pause for a significant time as shown below:

palo alto firewall PAN-OS software download in progress

During this process, a closer look at the firewall logs via SSH shows the following error is produced:

admin @> tail follow yes mp-log ms.log

2019-10-05 17:02:52.534 +1000 client dagger reported op command was SUCCESSFUL
2019-10-05 17:02:55.946 +1000 get_sw_ver_info file: /opt/pancfg/mgmt/global/upgradeinfo.xml
2019-10-05 17:02:55.967 +1000 get_sw_ver_info file: /opt/pancfg/mgmt/global/uploadinfo.xml
2019-10-05 17:02:55.968 +1000 No upload information available
sh: line 1: /tmp/pan/downloadprogress.12337: No such file or directory

The linux tail command will continuously update the ms.log file entries so you can observe in real-time all entries within the log file.

The log output seems to imply that there is a missing file or some type of information is not available. This issue is fixed as soon as the firewall is forced to check for new updates.


This article explains how to resolve the “Error: Image File Authentication Error – Failed to Load into Software Manager” error encountered when trying to download a new firewall software image. We showed the error produced by the firewall and how to fix this by forcing the firewall to Check for new software updates. We also dived into the mp-log ms.log log file and examined the messages produced there during the error.

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