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CCNA / Certification Exam Questions

14 years 1 month ago #34858 by JamieP

Im sure this comment will either split opinions or get shot down either way here goes.

If someone studys hard and at the very last part of their preparation decides to read over dumps - not to memorize the Q&A's but to see if they are ready for the exam - say they havent got the money to fail an exam 2,3 times and is merely trying to get a feel for where they are in terms in their knowledge.

If they fall short they go back to the study material and carry on until they are ready to pass first time and with that save themselves a few pennies.

I for one cannot see a problem with this - I complelety understand the people who braindump exams are not up to the job but this will be found out and they will not last so if they want to pursue a proper career in the long term they'll need to put in the work on and thats that

My honest opinion is I can see dumps being useful so long as its to measure your progress and not to pass an exam.

Does anyone agree on this?

i agree, when i did my CCNA, i spent maybe 6 months studying the material, but when i booked the exam, i spent 2 weeks before pouring over anything i could find. and i think it certainly helped me focus for the exam.

Jamie Parks
Network Engineer, UK
14 years 4 weeks ago #34869 by big_g
Its good to see someone agree with me as I always come across the people who have in my opinion tunnel vision - "these dumps belittle certs" and yes I can understand that but I myself have CCSA,CCSE,MCSA 2000 & 2003, A+, Network+ and + and some of these exams I feel are not exactly practical but the agenda is for a fail to generate plenty of 1st time fails whihc means more $$$ for the vendor.

I do not believe dumps are the way to go simply for a cert and thats that - I believe hard work and dedication and then some dump work is ok. I feel people who look down on any use of dumps are not living in the real world.

I for one at one stage could not afford to fail exams numerous times although I knew I could be a decent engineer and to be perfectly honest I def did not think the officail courseware gave enough information to pass first time. There were too many questions which was not made relevant enough on the courseware to take a serious interest in.

Sorry for the rant but Im really interested in peoples views here.

13 years 11 months ago #35315 by pophils
way to go yeah
13 years 8 months ago #35731 by brownrl
Right on!!! I just joined and agree whole heartedly with you, I am studying for my CCNA Cert. and am holding off taking the exam until I am sure I know what I am doing. I am kind of going at it backwards as I was promoted into a Network Admin. job with no experience and am learning on the job. As stated previously I would much rather have the knowledge than the Certification.

Randy L Brown
13 years 6 months ago #35978 by Molu
hey i have just joined this site and found it very interesting to know various opinion about certification. I am totally agree with the point to have knowledge rather than only tobe a certified by reading dumps.
I have got into NOC team recently ..3 months ago from IJP and this is my first baby step in the world of IT/Networking without the certifications,however I have cleared my technical round by self study..i have read the books ..lots of wiki's...but not what ..I am a married girl and have to manage house along with job..but I have a strong determination to be a CCNA certified ..after that CCNP and so on. but how to start and where to start..I want to know each and every thing which a network associate should know . From cable to switch ..from hub to modem..tiny piece of knowledge is also necessary for me.Please advice me on this.
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