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CCNA / Certification Exam Questions

17 years 2 weeks ago #16898 by sulu
hay i have come to know that ccna exam have been changed and updated with completely 100% new topics so tell me is there any updation in ccna exam. Do let me inform is CCNA has been completely changed.

17 years 2 weeks ago #16950 by Staticrichard
Hi All,

Its really nice to be a part of this prestigious group, belive me I have joined CCNA on june 2nd of this year and due to work timing I couldnt complete my classes, so I have got registered for the next batch which is going to start in few days time, while two of my friends who joined along with me on june 2nd have cleared CCNA with the help of dumps. :oops:

Belive me we all stay in same page and they are no better to me clearing CCNA Exam and I have better knowledge compared to them, since Iam working in ISP Industry for the past 2.5 years. Its just matter of talking to some one, we can easily identify if he/she has taken the help of dumps. :wink: :idea:

Static Richard :D
16 years 1 month ago #23035 by talk2sp
men its quite preposterous wat i am reading, though not too surprised cos i have people around me whom i knw read dumps to pass CCNA and yet can not configure and troubleshoot a network of 10 computers.

"days of bliss is during the dumps reading and exam writting,
"judgement day is in the midst of equipments"

I feel ashamed. this dumps guys are blocking the way for pro's who knw not just the book and also the practical and u guys will agree wit me that in a scale of 100% those that dont have enough cash to write this exams are the pros 80% those that have the cash are the .........20%


c0de - 3
Take Responsibility! Don't let failures define you
16 years 1 month ago #23059 by calicutbobby
Hats off to them Chris, Sahir and the rest of the team for the wonderful work done. I too support the views of Sahir.
16 years 5 days ago #23344 by uv
Replied by uv on topic true
perfectly actual world environment nothing happens so theoritically...but when people expect it to happen especially if the management of a firm then theres going to be some real trouble

True story....we recently fired a guy who memorized enough info to get his CCNA, and Net+. He told us he was studying for his MCSE. When we put him to work in real life, he failed miserably. He was definitely an example of someone who just memorized enough questions to pass...his practical knowledge was Z-E-R-O!!!

I, for one, am pissed off about people who just want to study brain dumps. As mentioned, it cheapens our industry and the credibility we all have. I would rather KNOW what I am doing and have ZERO certs than have many certs and ZERO knowledge how to do it in real life.

I'm sorry folks....but real life networking is not always cut and dry like all the questions on those exams.


15 years 11 months ago #23685 by ScottSea
Replied by ScottSea on topic Thanks!
I actually just left a job because the Manager had the nerve to tell me that a guy he hired was more experienced than me because he had his CCNP certification. After talking to this guy he admitted that he was a paper CCNP and hardly new a thing about networking. Ridiculous! I love your site and committment to keep things real. If I can get over the anxiety of the testing booth I may one day get some certs knocked out and they wont just be :)
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