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CCNA / Certification Exam Questions

20 years 2 weeks ago #4387 by sahirh
In response to a recent onslaught of posts in this forum that deal with trading question dumps for Cisco and other exams. Some of these requests were even commercial; someone offering to sell papers etc.

After discussing things, the team has decided that we wont tolerate this trading. As many people use this site for certification, they might want to know the reasons for this decision.. so here goes:

1. We believe firmly in the validity of these certifications. Many people simply read the dumps and go for the exam the next day. They often manage to pass, but in essence they know nothing. This floods the job markets with scores of unqualified but certified people and lessens the value of the certification for people who have earned it the hard way.

2. Cisco recognises for the quality of its information and even links to us in its Cisco Academy training program. We would like to make it clear that Cisco does NOT support commercially at all. We respect the fact that this is a great company that makes great products, and since most of us are Cisco certified as well, we would like to see their certifications increase in value (something that directly benefits everyone else who goes for the certification).

3. This site is a repository of so much information -- more than enough to get you through almost any networking certification. We find it a little insulting to think that people come here, disregard the effort that goes into preparing this material, and then use the site as a vehicle to trade dumps.

4. We don't believe that dumps are actually useful... you may end up passing your exam, but you will be in for a world of hurtwhen you get into the real world.

5. There are more than enough sites to trade / buy dumps etc. If you are so desperate for them, you're looking in the wrong place. The banner at the top of the page says 'The Site For Networking Professionals', not 'The Site For People Desperate To Get Into IT Without Knowing Anything'.

While some casual visitors to the site may feel this is harsh, the feedback from our members shows that they feel this is the correct thing to do. If anyone has issues, please voice them here.

That said, we will continue to help, guide, handhold, teach, mentor whatever anyone who needs help assistance. This is one of the only forums on the web where you get an answer to your question within a few hours.

So cheers,

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
19 years 10 months ago #5145 by Tarun
3 Cheers to

Next would be SP (Service Provider)
CCNA, CCNP (Switching), CCIE#20640
19 years 8 months ago #5845 by VINODM is one of the best website in the world for networking and I have been Visiting this Website since October 2003, but only became member recently. the main reason is the best around the world is becos of its quality and its rich content also the amount of dedication and hardwork the team has put in. Hats off to them Chris, Sahir and the rest of the team, I am thankfull the team because this website helped me to learn a lot of concepts of networking (Especially Subenetting :) ) rather than depending on dumps. I Strongly beleive in aquring knowledge rather than mugging up dumps and clearing the exam as right said by Sahir. I am still learning and new to newtworking and I am Ready to help and be a part of the this team maybe in the near future.

Hats off to the Team !



~If You Cant Beat Him Join Him~
19 years 8 months ago #5850 by chandak76
I'm also new to networking and have aquired a lot of knowledge from've got to administering a network of 2 servers and 60 workstation all thax to don't believe in having a certification without knowing whats happening and so still getting the experience before i can go for my certifications.
Keep the good work.
19 years 8 months ago #6074 by Kn1ght

19 years 5 months ago #6974 by MJ5150
True story....we recently fired a guy who memorized enough info to get his CCNA, and Net+. He told us he was studying for his MCSE. When we put him to work in real life, he failed miserably. He was definitely an example of someone who just memorized enough questions to pass...his practical knowledge was Z-E-R-O!!!

I, for one, am pissed off about people who just want to study brain dumps. As mentioned, it cheapens our industry and the credibility we all have. I would rather KNOW what I am doing and have ZERO certs than have many certs and ZERO knowledge how to do it in real life.

I'm sorry folks....but real life networking is not always cut and dry like all the questions on those exams.

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