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CCNA / Certification Exam Questions

19 years 1 day ago #9304 by decolnz
You guys i agree with all of you on the issue regardind certification dump's.most people are out there who are certified ba they no nothing,they've got nothing about networking in there nut yet they are certified.
i thank sahirj for that post on this issue ,people should read things ain't so hard though they seem danm hard. :roll: :? :? :? :?

#4ever n 4always#
18 years 11 months ago #9621 by guerilla7
" True story....we recently fired a guy who memorized enough info to get his CCNA, and Net+. He told us he was studying for his MCSE. When we put him to work in real life, he failed miserably. He was definitely an example of someone who just memorized enough questions to pass...his practical knowledge was Z-E-R-O!!! "

Amen to this. I'm a network admin for only 6 months and I think real-time experience should be valued more than this vendor-specific certifications. I have learned a lot based on experience, and thanks to this site my lates achievement is an awesomely designed VLAN to cut down our traffic!! Cheers to

Im still studying Cisco Networking Academy Program though and later take CCNA exam just for props :-)

Mabuhay ang Firewall CX.

"I see dead packets"
18 years 11 months ago #9623 by jwj
Can you all believe that someone can make it to CCIE, yet not really know their stuff? About 8 months ago, I worked with four CCIE's, three of them were as you would expect, very knowledgeable. The last one, he must have done brain dumps for each of his tests, and I don't know how he passed the CCIE lab (although in fairness, I don't know what the CCIE lab really consists of). I remember he was trying to troubleshoot getting our new Ciscoworks and TACACS+ servers up, and I was his assistant of sorts. My job was to test the cables between the servers and the switch, and basically get him anything that he needed. After testing the cables about three times, verifying they were good, he decided that somehow the cables were bad, and he wanted me to run new ones. At this point, I looked at the laptop he was using to console into the switch and saw that the switchports were shutdown. Yes, I later learned he got fired from his company because of his job performance.

Brain dumps may allow you to achieve a goal of certification, but when you get on the job, people will be able to tell.

18 years 11 months ago #9637 by guerilla7

I looked at the laptop he was using to console into the switch and saw that the switchports were shutdown.

bro, this is bad, he he he, he was probably looking for an excuse to read braindumps or something while you were away buying new cables :-)

"I see dead packets"
18 years 1 month ago #15079 by savita
hi all

i have just joined the network. i am a cmputer graduate.

I want to persue my career in field of networking.Could anyone share his experience and advice me something related.

my basic queries are:

->what certification should i go for initially?
->how long it usually takes to complete the course?
->How should i go about it?
->approximately how much will it costs me?

17 years 10 months ago #16528 by donanak
welcome to
My little advice I'd give to you is this;

Do not make the mistake to start earning certifications, don't get me wrong but they do count when you've got a bit of experience under your belt and you'll realise the course and exam will some how be easier in some way as you'd picture the real world experience to guide you through.

As a computer graduate, first get youself a job, build up your confidence, gain few months or if possible a years experience and along the way start your certification training. This would even save you money by not going to pay someone to recite you a book he read a night before, but learning through self study materials and of course this website is always there to help you.

If you have learnt well at Uni and the teaching very good, you should be on the verge of working as a Junior network technician, you might even land a cool job. who knows. I have CCNA, N+, trained in MCSE and was just about to get CCNP but I work now as a Unix Support Consultant. Where did my certification go...?

Networking is broad and once you start working you can decide which area to head and then you can start learning towards it.

I have not much to say as I keep reinventing the wheel but I'm talking from experience.

Experience first and then you can even do brain dump if you want.

What do you guys have to say about this?

Go easy!

A smart person knows what to say, but a wise person knows whether or not to say it.

'When perfection comes, the imperfect disappear.'
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