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New Site Feature!

Written by Administrator. Posted in Site News

We are happy to announce our new online 'News' section. Our members and visitors are now able to participate on our popular homepage in their own way, by submitting news of different topics to the site. Once the review process is complete (usually an hour or two), the submission is made available on our home page for everyone to read!

New TCP Topic Now Available!

Written by Administrator. Posted in Site News

After months of hard work, our new TCP protocol section is now ready!

This new section is perhaps one of the most comprehensive analysis of the TCP protocol on the web, covering over 12 pages of information on the protocol and colourful diagrams to make sure you are not left with any unanswered questions!

Location: Networking>Protocols>TCP

The analysis is broken into two parts, the first one being a quick overview of the protocol, while the second one dives into the protocol's structure and includes information on how hackers use certains features of the protocol to hijack sessions and tap into TCP streams.

New Linux Section Online

Written by Administrator. Posted in Site News

We are once again pleased to publish the first Linux article for our new section. The OpenMosix Clustering system is a great project which will allow you to take advantage of those old computers collecting dust in your garage!

We are already working on new, exciting articles that will cover topics requested by our respected members through our Linux Forums, so keep a lookout for them!

The Editoral Team.

*** Scheduled Emergency Maintenance ***

Written by Administrator. Posted in Site News

We would like to inform our community that our server is scheduled for an emergency maintenance.

The maintenance window will begin today, 30th of July, at 23:00 EST (GMT -5) and is expected to last no longer than 2 hours, during which our site and services will not be available.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and assure you we will be up and running as soon as possible.

Chris Partsenidis

Cisco Lab 1 - Tutorial No.2 available

Written by Administrator. Posted in Site News

Our Cisco lab users would be pleased to know that our second tutorial for Lab 1 is now online and available.

The second tutorial covers more advanced topics than the first lab, including real ISDN dialup, CHAP Authentication to an ISP and real Internet connectivity via the ISP router!!

In addition, Cisco's popular Access Lists are introduced along with Network Address Translation, port forward and much more.

You can find more information on our new tutorial by clicking here.


Cisco Routers

  • SSL WebVPN
  • Securing Routers
  • Policy Based Routing
  • Router on-a-Stick

VPN Security

  • Understand DMVPN
  • GRE/IPSec Configuration
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN
  • IPSec Modes

Cisco Help

  • VPN Client Windows 8
  • VPN Client Windows 7
  • CCP Display Problem
  • Cisco Support App.

Windows 2012

  • New Features
  • Licensing
  • Hyper-V / VDI
  • Install Hyper-V


  • File Permissions
  • Webmin
  • Groups - Users
  • Samba Setup