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Pc keeps restarting

19 years 8 months ago #5891 by pauljc
Replied by pauljc on topic Re: Pc keeps restarting
well, i dont get an error it just restarts, i dont have tht process and i do update windows, i have searched for blaster b4, and i dont use safe mode.

I'm sure its my ram tbh
19 years 8 months ago #5892 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Re: Pc keeps restarting
What I would highly suggest you do, is next time you get a blue screen of death, read the STOP error - it will give you enough information to successfully diagnose your problem and correct it.

Assuming its a Windows 2000 PC, download the following STOP error message explanation document we have provided:
and look up for the one you are receiving. If you like, let us know so we can suggest a few actions.

If you happen to have XP, I'm not sure, but I think the stop messages have the same explanation/meaning, but that can be verified with a quick visit to Microsoft's site.


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
19 years 8 months ago #5896 by KiLLaBeE
Replied by KiLLaBeE on topic Re: Pc keeps restarting

and my ram's just find thx :)

Later on...

I'm sure its my ram tbh

I don't know if your RAM is fine or if it isn' just in case you THINK it's you're RAM...

If your motherboard's memory slots require DIMMS, make sure your RAMs are installed in pairs, the memory modules should be same speed and type.

However, if there is an odd number of DIMM slots, usually one of the slots will be seperate from the rest (the rest would be in pairs), in this case, the memory module in the slot that is seperate from the rest should equal the same memory capacity in the seperate slots.

So if your motherboard has 3 DIMM slots, and you have a total of 512MB of RAM, 128MB of RAM should go on slots 1 and 2, and 256MB on the leftover slot.
19 years 8 months ago #5898 by pauljc
Replied by pauljc on topic Re: Pc keeps restarting
well, i through it was fine :/, but im not sure - u an english techer anyway?!

i have 3 slots, and i have 2 lots of 256 in 2 of them.
19 years 8 months ago #5899 by jhun
Replied by jhun on topic Re: Pc keeps restarting

i think cool_spot is right. it is probably the msblast virus that has compromised your system. the msblast behaves in a way that it restarts the pc after some minutes of using it without any errors or whatsoever. this is usally an exploit on the rpc of the system. this is what happens at Windows XP boxes...for Windows 2000 it will give you a DOS attack either at the Internet or to your own system. you could verify if you have been attacked by a blaster viruson a Windows 2000 machine by checking the control panel. if the icons are arranged in a funny way, meaning they are all located in a pane at the left and none on the main window then blaster is in your system

however, we can not also rule out killabee's analysis, since sometimes, but not always, BSODs are caused by hardware incompatibility. since the system may be confused at first when booting but when it settles down after booting up it suddenly recognizes that some of its hardware is messing up the system sio eventually it restarts itself or sometimes it crashes and hangs.

either way, IMHO, try to troubleshoot the problem by first isolating things. first, check out your hardware...are they compatible with each other. veriify if each component of your system is included in its HCLs. then after which looking at your hardware and that all seems to be in proper and working order.. make your analytic mind up to the OS. check if you have patched the system properly and that all critical updates have been loaded...then try to update your antivirus software as well and throw in an anti adware program too just in case :wink:

the bottom line is, when troubleshooting always try to revert back on what you or a user was doing before the mishap. this would give you an idea on how to start on troubleshooting.

hope this helps... :)
19 years 8 months ago #5901 by pauljc
Replied by pauljc on topic Re: Pc keeps restarting
well ive currently been on my PC for about 5 hours without it restarting, the blaster worm makes it restart normally every 10 mins if im correct, its just if i open my music folder sometimes - it has like 500 tracks in it, so it crashes and restarts, sometimes if i do 2 different scans together or anything like that you know, im trying atm not to overload my PC with task's, so i doubt its the blaster worm, all my software is compatible.

Anymore ideas ? :/
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