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CCNA Institutes in Delhi or NCR

18 years 9 months ago #9798 by Tarun
Wow, thanx for the advice Max, that was what i was really looking for. I was looking for exactly the same thing, i mean self study & then practical hands on in any of those crapy institutes.

And talking about instructors in such crappy institutes i guess it also makes sense that they would have such instructors because looking at there fee, i would understand what they would be paying these instructors. As a comparison a course from any such institutes costs you around 6000/- bucks, but if you go for the same course from the cisco academy which is of a 140hrs duration, they cost you 18k. No comparison huh... Now logically thinking if a person had done his CCNA by fair means which would mean that he has a pretty good knowldge of cisco & he would many more better options to pursue his career & earn money.

Do i make sense ??

Well, anyways, if you have done your CCNA from Delhi can you suggest any good institute atleast having some good hardware :)

Next would be SP (Service Provider)
CCNA, CCNP (Switching), CCIE#20640
17 years 1 month ago #21213 by royal_rohan
Replied by royal_rohan on topic need help
even i am looking for a good institute in Gurgaon for CCNA, silicon and new horizon r taking corporate batches only....if u know any other plcae in gurgaon or near to gurgaon, plz mail me at
15 years 11 months ago #26549 by Shimps
Replied by Shimps on topic Help!!!
even i am looking for a good institute in delhi. I am working with Tech Mahindra and need to be a CCNA for my project.

Any idea how much do these institutes like Infopark or INT charge for the course and what is the duration of it.
15 years 11 months ago #26581 by scorphenix
hello,everybody out there...
i've heard about the growing high tech industry taking place in bangalore and i will be writing my exam ccna 640-802 in one month time and expected to continue further studies in Bangalore,INDIA because here in Cameroon(Africa) we don't have a CCNP academy and the nearest are in UGANDA or SOUTH AFRICA but too expensive and no practices...!

i'm planning to go for MCSE security, CCNP and LINUX certifications in Bangalore or Chennai according to my means...(money make the world go round) but i really want real labs and support...!
do anybody out there can provide me some advises....!!
thanks in advance...
15 years 3 months ago #29088 by 16gaurav85
I will suggest to all of you to join TIIT for any cisco certification course. IT is the best training institute.
14 years 4 months ago #33222 by donanak
I haven't read through all the post to see if anyone mentioned about self/home study. :wink:

I for one did self training. CCNA, Network+ and CISSP and passed all.

It is always good to go to training institute but for the likes of me with less budget I'll pay a little to get the right materials and learn it the hard way.

You can apply to my free institute and pay nothing. :D

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