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CCNA Institutes in Delhi or NCR

13 years 5 months ago #35707 by tbarbosa
Replied by tbarbosa on topic CCNA Institutes
Hi all,

I do agree as well. I don't know where there's a good institute for Cisco course is Gurgaon, but if my advice is needed I only recommend as recommended to me from others. Where credit is due credit must be given. To get to the point, I honestly recommend Firebrand Training to nayone who wants to get CCNA certified in 5 days , I'm hearing these guys are willing to let you train for free again if you don't pass the first time, but it's always best to double on check for your own sake.

I hope this helps with you sincere question.

T. Barbosa.
13 years 4 months ago #35918 by tbarbosa

Hey Guys, I am really tired of searching for a good institute which offers quality faculties for teaching CCNA stuff.

Have been to a few of them including IIHT, Rooman, & they have been far from what i expected to say the least, the faculties were themselves faulty at there concepts, to just site an example one of them told me, or infact the whole class the a Class A ip address has the first octet as the host part & the rest 3 octets as the network part. I had to tell him on his face in front of all the students that he was wrong, & its the other way round. And he was boasting of studying for his CCNP. I wonder how was he even allowed to logon into the CISCO website :wink:

I would really appreaciate if anyone can suggest some really good institutes in Delhi, Or NCR because i am living in India, Noida right now.


Afternoon Tarun,

Did you get you certified yet?

I hope this helps Tarun. Take care.
13 years 1 month ago #36456 by parasjairath
Replied by parasjairath on topic CCNA
CCNA is not a small course, as everybody thinks that they will complete ccna in 15 days classes and then they read dumps and crack exam.

Paras Jairath
Always smiling..!!
9 years 9 months ago #38549 by Toryblake
I did nit know any best institute in Delhi ...although there are many CCNA institutes in Delhi butt don't know who's best one... :dry:
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