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CCNA Institutes in Delhi or NCR

18 years 10 months ago #9634 by Tarun
Hey Guys, I am really tired of searching for a good institute which offers quality faculties for teaching CCNA stuff.

Have been to a few of them including IIHT, Rooman, & they have been far from what i expected to say the least, the faculties were themselves faulty at there concepts, to just site an example one of them told me, or infact the whole class the a Class A ip address has the first octet as the host part & the rest 3 octets as the network part. I had to tell him on his face in front of all the students that he was wrong, & its the other way round. And he was boasting of studying for his CCNP. I wonder how was he even allowed to logon into the CISCO website :wink:

I would really appreaciate if anyone can suggest some really good institutes in Delhi, Or NCR because i am living in India, Noida right now.

Next would be SP (Service Provider)
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18 years 9 months ago #9698 by Tarun
No one with an answer to my post.

Next would be SP (Service Provider)
CCNA, CCNP (Switching), CCIE#20640
18 years 9 months ago #9727 by TheBishop
Replied by TheBishop on topic Delhi
'Fraid I can't help much with this one. Perhaps Sahir or one of our members from the appropriate continent can be of more use to you
18 years 9 months ago #9753 by Chris

Don't get me wrong, but have you ever thought about doing a self-study course ?

With the proper material and -soon to come- experience with our Cisco lab, you'll be able to cover all the chapters required by the CCNA exam. Plus, you'll be able to ask here on our forums any questions you might have and I assure you .... no one (including myself!) will ever tell you that the first octet of a Class A network represents the hosts :)

A lot of people consider CCNA training courses to be vital to the CCNA certification but this is not true. Self study might take you a bit longer to complete the material, but if you study in a steady manner, you can complete it within a few months.

Let us know what your thoughts are.


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
18 years 9 months ago #9772 by Tarun
Thanks Chris,

Well, I like that, u think my way.

I am a believer in the fact that self-study is the best way of studying & to be honest with you ( not exaggerating ) i have already gone through the CCNA training guide by Todd Lammle more than once, except for a few misses here & there :wink: But i really dont feel comfortable enough to appear for the exam.

May be thats also because of lack of practical hand on experience on cisco router's although i have worked on simulator's like Network Visualizer 4.0 & Boson Netsim but i still want to work on an actual routers.

Therefore waiting very badly for your real labs to come online.

I also approached some institutes here in our area for just getting practical lab experience so that i get to work on real routers & can get a feel of it, yet to finalize on that.

But one thing i agree with you on more than any one else is the fact that self-study has no comparison. Even if you are studying from someone until & unless you understand it by reading it yourself, i don't think you get the confidence that you know the subject in & out, so you are very right on that.

Well, i guess my father once upon a time said "No Knowldge without College" So i was just applying the same principle here i guess :D But i still beleive that self-study is the best way to study.

Looking forward to get the viewpoints of all of you on this.

Thanks anyways on the thoughts chris, appreciate it.

Next would be SP (Service Provider)
CCNA, CCNP (Switching), CCIE#20640
18 years 9 months ago #9794 by MaXiMuS

I agree with Chris that self study is the best way to go about it but at the same time u gotta have some hands on.

Most of the institutes are actually turning themselves into factories churning out CCNA's by all kinds of dubious means. I can assure you that for an additional 1500 bucks , other than the exam fee , your CCNA becomes guaranteed in Delhi.

It looks good on resume but 2 mins is all it takes for someone to realise how one obtained it.

Your instructor was probably one of those who had obtained it in such a way, but I am sure you have different plans. I'd say , do a self study first and then go to any of these crappy institues and get yourself a deal for using their hardware only( max 4k ).....thats how I did it :)

This way u learn the right concepts, get to practice them as well for not a hefty price and proudly earn your certification at the end of it.

Boy !!! thats what really matters :)
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