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Connecting to the Lab Equipment

In order to access our equipment, the user must initiate a 'telnet' session to each device. The telnet session may be initiated using either of the following two ways:

1) By clicking on the equipment located on the diagram above. If your web browser supports external applications, once you click on a diagram's device, a dos-based telnet window will open and you'll receive the Cisco Lab welcome screen.

Note: The above method will NOT work with Internet Explorer 7, due to security restrictions.

2) Manually initiating a telnet session. On each diagram, note the device port list on the lower left hand corner. These are the ports to which you need to telnet into, so you may access the equipment your lab consists of. You can either use a program of your choice, or follow the traditional dos-based window by clicking on "Start" button, go to the "Run" selection and enter "command" (Windows 95, 98, Me) or "cmd" (Windows 2000, XP, 2003). At the DOS prompt enter:

c:\> telnet xxxx

where 'xxxx' is substituted with the device port number as indicated on the diagram.

For example, if you wanted to connect to a device that users device port 2003, the following would be the command required: telnet 2003

You need to repeat this step for each equipment you need to telnet into.

Cisco 'Secret' Passwords

Each lab requires you to set the 'enable secret' password. It is imperative you use the word "cisco" ,so our automated system is able to reset the equipment for the next user.

We ask that you kindly respect this request to ensure our labs are accessible and usable by everyone.

Since all access attempts are logged by our system, users found storing other 'enable secret' passwords will be blocked from the labs and site in general.

To report any errors or inconsistencies with regards to our lab system, please use the Cisco lab forum.

With your help, we can surely create the world's friendliest and resourceful Free Cisco Lab!

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