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sites you need to visit

15 years 4 months ago #29571 by sose
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when I am not watching my laptop screen then I could be reading some novels like the john grisham novel. sadly I have exusted all his novels , the chase series and the ludlum series.

I got most of these books in this site
15 years 4 months ago #29603 by sose
Replied by sose on topic Re: sites you need to visit
these are important sites worth visiting, I even pinpoint intersting articles and papers in the sites that are worth going through.

just make sure you have a pot of coffee by your side :D

A Stateful Inspection of CheckPoint Firewall 1

Kevin Mitnick vs. Tsutomu Shimomura\

IP VPN Services

What is a Virtual Private Network?

VPN Vulnerabilities

This is an interesting article about the Sapphire Worm (Slapper), that could go right through the VPN and cause a little havoc.;fp=16&fpid=0

'Penetration Testing Methodology - For Fun And Profit' - Efrain Tores and LoNoise, you can Google for this paper and find it.

An Approach To Systematic Network Auditing - Mixter ( )

'Penetration Testing - The Third Party Hacker' - Jessica Lowery. ( )


Penetration Testing - Technical Overview' - Timothy P. Layton

Sr. also from the ( ) reading room

Securing IIS webservers

Securing PHP,39020375,39160000,00.htm


And go to SniffingTraQ (first register)

Linux Newbie Administration Guide

Hacking exposed - Windows 2003 book by Joel Scambray and Stuart McClure

( ) .
15 years 4 months ago #29605 by sose
Replied by sose on topic Re: sites you need to visit
note some of these site may no longer be floating

some did not renew their domain registration

laws came up in some countries that disallow the floating of some fo these sites etc

check this out

These are educative sites for subscriptions

Send your name address telephone and destination address of organization to SECURITY-REQUEST@CPD.COM

RISKS-REQUEST@CSL.SRI.COM USENET newsgroup "comp. risks

LISTSERV%LEHIIBM1.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU send this line :SUB VIRUS-L name mail replies to

TCP-IP-REQUEST@NISC.SRI.COM comp.protocols.tcp-ip






NIC@NIC.DDN.MIL USENET newsgroup "ddn.mgt-bulletin


quarterly magazine, "CIPHER".

quarterly magazine, "SIGSAC Review

quarterly magazine called "ISSA Access".


Wayback machine

Gigaweb - - rm.

www.nessus . - - A very good library section on buffer - The largest selection of tools and exploits possible.
15 years 4 months ago #29607 by S0lo
Replied by S0lo on topic Re: sites you need to visit
I Couldn't resist posting this although it's OT

Listen to the segments. These two brothers are supposed to help people fix their cars. And they do. Butttaaa......... :lol:

Studying CCNP...

Ammar Muqaddas
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15 years 4 months ago #29622 by sose
Replied by sose on topic Re: sites you need to visit
dont miss this opportunity

try this one
15 years 4 months ago #29671 by sose
Replied by sose on topic Re: sites you need to visit
All these tools are useful for administratively troubleshooting networks. But remember it is like a double edge sword, you can use them either way. People are currently serving jail terms simple because they try to break networks they weren’t authorized to. So if you plan to use these tools negatively, you better have a rethink. And as usual, your mile may vary: standard disclaimer.

The important part here is not to show how to attack something, but to show how attackers take advantage of your mistakes. This will enable you to protect your network by avoiding the pitfalls attackers use.

Before we start, however, let me make one thing absolutely clear: I neither condone nor will we ever aid or defend those who attack networks or systems they do not own or that they have not been asked to attack. One of the greatest challenges the security community faces is lack of information on the enemy. Questions like who is the threat, why do they attack, how do they attack, what are their tools, and possibly when will they attack? It is questions like these the security community often cannot answer. For centuries military organizations have focused on information gathering to understand and protect against an enemy. To defend against a threat, you have to first know about it. However, in the information security world we have little such information.

This is about securing networks, not distributing tools to break them. Certain information systems security professionals, namely those who are charged with pen testing, have a legitimate use for these tools. In addition, to stop a criminal hacker requires the ability to think like a criminal. After all, the objective is to demonstrate what an attacker would do. Most of us have been taught from a very early age to be good law-abiding people and are simply not good at thinking up very plausible and innovative criminal schemes.

check these tools out: you can google them if you like

Ettercap - I've been personally using Ettercap for over a year and one of the most useful features I have found is it's flooding technique. Using the required plugins, you are able to bring a P4 with 512MB ram Linux server to its knees in around 40 seconds! Amongst the 20 plugins it comes with, here are the most popular:

Lamia- This plug-in allows you to become the root in a switched network that uses the STP protocol to avoid loops.

Spectre: Floods the LAN with random MAC addresses

Banshee: Described as "They kill without discretion... "

Golem: A dangerous D.O.S plugin and lastly its useful Hxx_xxx series plugins

They allow you to steal passwords and data from HTTP, POP, SMTP and a number of other types of streams. (IDS)


CERT (system scanner)

black ice (IDS) (network scanner)


core impact ($$) network scanner (vul scanner) scanner

winsock API




Ettercap (


john the ripper



cisco scanner

sophie script









Email tracker pro






Languard Network Scanner (GFI),

Retina (eEye).


kismet AntiSniff

CPM (Check Promiscuous Mode)





( )



Wi-Fi Defense -

CacheDump (http://





Wayback machine

Gigaweb - - . - - A very good library section on buffer - The largest selection of tools and exploits possible.
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