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upgrading from Celeron to Core 2 processor

16 years 5 months ago #24397 by ZiPPy
I haven't Googled the article you are talking about, but just out of curiosity does the article mention anything about heat comparison and life span?


16 years 5 months ago #24417 by durk21
No not really because it is for over all comparison of performance when bogged down with windows and browsers stuff like that. When bogged down with desktop work the AMD won hands down.

But I would assume that as far as heat comparisson that they are about the same.
16 years 4 months ago #25033 by NeoTech
Replied by NeoTech on topic Heat vs core size
i would also quickly like to say that if the heat the processor generates concerns you, go for the 65nm models as opposed to the 90nm standards. The smaller cores perform equally well and generate less heat, they are the newer of the 2 technologies.

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