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Youngest MSCE

13 years 10 months ago #34736 by Nevins
Replied by Nevins on topic Re: Youngest MSCE
Despite that it's still pretty amazing that you paid off your debt to the Paris club. It seems that every government has degrees of corruption, what do you think causes corruption of that scale?

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13 years 10 months ago #34743 by sose
Replied by sose on topic Re: Youngest MSCE

we are the seventh largest producers of crude oil in the world plus our kind of crude is call SWEET CRUDE and it is the best in the world with low sulfuric content. There should be no poor Nigerian in the world just as there is no poor Saudi indigent in the world. Most Nigerians have a very wrong perception of what is success and they lay much emphasis on substance. That is why they steal, and steal what they don't need. if not what can $100 million do that $5 million cant do to you in terms of enjoyability, then why steal 1 billion dollars.


People are not held accountable for the discretion they make on their monopoly in Nigeria because of the collapse of governance. when governance collapsed then there will be a war of all against all. IN the early 70s we saw sudden wealth and the ruling class discovered luxury and you know capitalism failed to contain luxury because of the mechanics of IDUVIDULISM in capitalism (though I am a capitalist ). As I am talking to you know Nigerian have assets to the tune of $300 billion in UK alone. if UK had rejected the stolen money it will have gone to Asia or the Arabs will be very willing to take it. But our leaders will pay for this. most Nigerians 80% live below $1 a day. Poverty is killing us and we have every thing.
13 years 10 months ago #34745 by talk2sp
Replied by talk2sp on topic What a Testimony.....
Nevins Said:

I don't really hear good things about Nigeria and most of Africa for that matter whenever it's on the news.

What a Testimony about our country. But lets ask our selves is it a false Testimony? No!!!!! it is not.

Nevins what happens in Nigeria is going worse by the day. I hope one day u get to visit here and then see it for ur self. I will send u some picture images, u may start judging from there.

Sose but come to think of it. if u who has a good intention for Nigeria proposes it to this corrupt set of people who are on the seat of power all they try to do is to silent u or lure u into the ruling Party. Sose i will send Nevins pictures of "Agberos" on the street; he will ponder on what the rich crude petroleum exporting country does with its capital.

Sose meanwhile u and i have the task of making a change.


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