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HowTo: Basic ASA 5505 configuration

11 years 3 weeks ago #38376 by dexter12
Great will make my life much easier for the initial config.

since I'm a newbie on firewall I just want to ask if your
configuration will work on my setup- I'm planning to use the ASA 5505 as a firewall/router

Apreciate any reply. thanks
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11 years 3 weeks ago #38377 by Chris
Thanks for your reply Dexter - expect to see an article covering basic ASA5505 setup on


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
11 years 1 week ago #38393 by dexter12
Hi Chris,

I really appreciate your new post regarding the setup of ASA 5500 series, I have some confusion though, regarding the 5505 datasheet on the virtual Interface " 3 ( no trunking
suppport) / 20 ( with trunking support ) since Im going to use our ASA 5505 as router as well
my question is do I need to purchase License for Inter Vlan? or it is already on the
trunking Function? Thanks in Advance..
11 years 1 week ago #38394 by Chris

I'd advise you to read the following link/document which clearly states how the interfaces and licenses work, so you know which part number to order:


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
10 years 7 months ago #38440 by dexter12
Hi Cris,

Its me again, thanks once again for the informative post you did
apparently I'm having problem on our 5505 FW I was wondering what configuration I missed out
on port forwading http port 80 to our local server.

CISCO ASA 5505 OS Version 8.4.2
Public IP. 210.4.109.XX
Local webserver:

right now we are using a netgear router and the port forwarding is working okay when I switch
it to the cisco FW, it only work on locally ( ) accesing it outside doesn't work
heres my configuration below

object network Host-A


Object Network Outside_IP

host 210.4.109.xx

Object Service TCP_HTTP

service tcp source eq 80

!im using Outside interface IP

nat (inside,outside) source static Host-A interface service TCP_HTTP TCP_HTTP

access-list out_in permit tcp any host eq 8

access-group out_in in interface outside


Please kindly help on my issue


8 years 7 months ago #38693 by neuralping
I have read the basic config guide and is still having an issue with getting Internet access to the vlans on the routers behind the firewall.

Comcast connected to ASA 5505 vlan 2 port E0/0. Port E0/2 in vlan 1 connected to 2950 switch as an access port. There is a Cisco 2821 with several vlans also connected to the 2950 switch. Trying to get traffic from the vlans out to the internet.

I have tried creating another sub interface on the router for the ASA and putting E0/0 into that vlan but still no Internet access for the vlans.
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