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Router keels over..

21 years 5 months ago #505 by Steve
Router keels over.. was created by Steve
I have broadband connection through D-Link DSL-300G+ modem and BR41 router (cheap stuff from EBuyer) with 3 PCs connected. I am very new to networking etc but need some help. All PCs can access the internet with no probs. However, on two occasions, the router has just seemed to die of death! Meaning, the connection to the router from any PC is lost. I have tried to ping the router but to no avail. Restarting the router does no good. For some reason I need to switch off all PCs and router and restart - then the internet is available. I use XP home and the other PCs use 98SE. Confused - Help please. [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]
21 years 5 months ago #506 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Router keels over..

Sounds like you have a wired problem, but then again, that's pretty normal when you gota deal with Windows machines [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

I have a question for you, before I can try and suggest a few things you can try.
It is not all that clear to me how exactly you have the 3 pc's connected with a DSL mode and a Router.

After looking at the products, my guess would be that you have the 3PC's connected to the router, which in its turn is connected directly to the DSL modem ?

Can you please clarify on your setup and let us know if your using static or dynamic IP addressing in your internal network.

Also, when you had the problem occuring, did you check all workstations to see if they had the correct IP address which you have set for the internal network ?



Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
21 years 5 months ago #507 by Steve
Replied by Steve on topic Router keels over..
Thanks for the reply.
My modem is an ethernet modem that is connected to the WAN port of the router. The 3 PCs connect to 3 of 4 available ports on the router. All PCs are set to obtain IP addresses automatically.
My PC with XP is easy to locate the IP address (which never changes as my PC is usually on all the time) but due to my lack of knowledge (shed some light please!!) I don't know where to find the address for the PCs running 98SE.

The broadband connection is PPPOA if that is any help. Any info on your site regarding PPPOA and PPPOE? I have looked but I may be blind!
The problem has not reared it ugly head in 2 days but any help would be great. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
21 years 5 months ago #508 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic Router keels over..

So you have your DSL cable connected to the Dlink modem, which in its turn connects to the WAN port of the router and from there you have 4 ethernet jacks for your LAN pc's.

Now you mentioned that all PC's are set to obtain automatically IP's and I guess they are obtaining the IP's from the router.

Logically in a setup like the above, you would have your router's 'private ip' set to a static one, and the router it's self is configured as a dhcp server - correct ?
(by the way, you can find the ip of your windows 95/98 pc's by going to start-run, and typing 'winipcfg')

So, the question is what would you do to troubleshoot your problem ?

It is clear that you need some type of an elimination process in order to track down the problem. However, when the problem is an intermittent one, it makes it even harder to nail down.

If you have the problem arising again, this is what I would recommend you do (assuming your using private IP's on your private network):

1) Check to see if all PC's have an IP Address. Command for Winxp is 'ipconfig' whereas for win9X its 'winipcfg'.

2) If you haven't got an IP address, request it. WinXP: ipconfig /renew Win9X: hit the 'renew all' button in the winipcfg application.

At this point you should be offered an IP Address for each workstation. If not, then obviously your router's DHCP service is not working correctly.

Assuming the DHCP on the router isn't working, I would then give one workstation an ip address manually and then try to ping the private interface of the router, to see if your pc can atleast 'see' the router. If this works, then try the Internet and see if that's working.

If your ping to the router's private interface fails, your router must have a problem.

Because there are quite a few different ways you can troubleshoot such a problem, to keep things simple, I would suggest you try the above when your problem occurs again and then let us know what the results are, so we can further look into it.

Note down everything you observe in the network, for example, which device still has an ip when the problem occurs, if you can request and are offered an ip address from a workstation, how far you can ping, if the problem is replicated on all three machines.

I hope I haven't confused you !

Let us know how it goes.


Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
21 years 5 months ago #509 by Steve
Replied by Steve on topic Router keels over..
Hi Admin or is it Paul?
Thanks again for the reply.
Yes, it happened again, but weird this time or what?
Here we go!
Only my PC with XP was on.
IP obtained automatically from router.
Everything fine - internet, mail etc all ok.
Went to Windows Update for obvious reasons.
Started to download WIndows Media 9.
Data very slow to the PC.
Windows update failed.
Retried - same again.
Checked IP using icon in notification area - ok.
Opened new Internet Explorer window - failed to load :- Page cannot be displayed.
Checked IP using icon in notification area - ok.
This time I tried to REPAIR connection - failed.
Disabled and then re-enabled LAN connection - BINGO! Internet and mail ok.
Conclusion:- I think Windows Update site was having problems and the router is not set correctly. I think that these two factors are a mere coincidence and that the router needs to be set-up properly.

From your earlier reply, I think I will set all PCs to static addresses and set the router accordingly. Is this right?
I will do this first and keep you informed.

21 years 5 months ago #510 by Steve
Replied by Steve on topic Router keels over..
So Stupid I am, its not Paul, its Chris, right?

On another note, the site is great. I viewed your home network setup the other day.... nice!!

What is your internet connection? All that gear with a 56K serial modem. Who you kidding!!

For now

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