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Cisco SPA525G / SPA525G2 User Guide Free Download

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Available as a free download in our Cisco Small Business Series Product Datasheet section is the Cisco SPA525G / SPA525G2 User Guide. This 68 page user guide contains all the necessary information on how to setup, configure and customise your Cisco SPA525 IP phone.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
  • Understanding your phone lines and buttons
  • Using the keypad, buttons and menus
  • Using the Cisco Attendant Console
  • Connecting your IP phone to the network
  • Updating firmware
  • Phone functions (calling, volume, call-on-hold, live call, call pick-up, phone directories, call history lists, transfering calls and much more)
  • Advanced phone functions (pairing SPA525 with bluetooth device, mobile phone battery and signal info on your SPA525, playing mp3 files, play lists and more)
  • Configuring IP phone screen (contrast, brightness, wallpaper, screensaver)
  • Viewing network information
  • ...and much more!

Download your free copy by visiting the Cisco Small Business Series Product Datasheet section.

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