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Cisco Small Business SPA500 IP Phone Series Administration Guide Free Download

Article Reads:21701 readers can now access and freely download the Cisco Small Business Administration Guide for Cisco SPA500 series IP phones

The Administration Guide for Cisco SPA500 series IP phone covers basic and advanced configuration of the following IP phones:
SPA301, SPA303, SPA501G, SPA502G, SPA504G, SPA508G, SPA509G, SPA512G, SPA514G, SPA525G, SPA525G2 and WIP310 model.

Features covered in this extensive 332-page guide include:

  • Getting the IP phones to work with the Cisco SPA900 IP PBX
  • Network Configuration
  • Determining and Upgrading your IP phone firmware
  • Web-Based Configuration Utility - Allowing web-access to the IP phone
  • Configuring Line Key (shares-lines, call appearance, access services, busy lamp, call-pickup, speed dials and much more)
  • Customizing the IP phone (background image, screen save, LCD brightness, backlight settings)
  • Enabling Call Features ( Caller ID Bocking Services, call-back service, call transfer, conferencing, do-not-disturb)
  • Customizing phone softkeys
  • Configuring ring tones
  • Configuring audio settings
  • Configuring Bluetooth (Cisco SPA525G / SPA525G2 only)
  • Enabling SMS
  • Configuring LDAP for Cisco SPA300 and SPA500 series IP phones
  • Configuring SIP (Basic parameters, RTP parameters, SIP settings)
  • Managing NAT Transversal with Cisco IP phones
  • Configuring Security, Quality and Network Features
  • Configuring VLAN settings
  • Configuring Dial Plans (Digit Sequences, examples, off-hook timers and more)
  • and much more!

To download the Cisco Small Business Administration Guide for Cisco SPA500 series IP phones, simply visit our new Cisco Small Business Series Product Datasheet download section.

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