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CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide (Exam 640-863)

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Title:              CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide (Exam 640-863)
Authors:        Anthony Bruno, Steve Jordan
ISBN-10(13): 1587201771
Publisher:      Cisco Press
Published:     June 21, 2007
Edition:          3rd Edition
Language:     English

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CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide (Exam 640-863)

The Cisco CCDA is a highly respected Cisco certification, although not as popular as the CCNA. The CCDA certification was created by Cisco for professionals seeking the path of a network designer.

As one would expect, Cisco Press comes to provide another fine title that will help any CCDA candidate succeed in their path to conquer the exam.

While there are quite a few study guides out there promising to help you, this is perhaps the only one written by Cisco CCIE's with more than 10 years of experience.

The book is populated with around about 650 pages and 20 chapters full of great information and material that will surely cover beyond the CCDA exam needs. Of course, as with every Cisco Press title, the book is decorated with a very nice hard cover and the well known white-dark green colour combinations.

At the back of the book, you'll be happy to find a CDROM containing more than 200 practice questions for the CCDA exam and the full text in electronic format so you can carry it with you wherever you might be.

Neatly organised, the chapters are broken down into 5 main groups of which each one covers a specific range of topics related to each other:

Group 1: General Network Design

Group 2: LAN and WAN Design

Group 3: The Internet Protocol and Routing Protocols

Group 4: Security, Convergence, and Network Management

Group 5: Comprehensive Scenarios

What really amazed me is that each topic discussed contains numerous examples and adequate diagrams to ensure the reader understands what its talking about. Various questions that might popup are answered in most cases, proving that the content has been thourghly reviewed so no gaps are left.

The authors tone through out the book is comfortable and helps the reading process no matter how long a chapter might be. At the end of each chapter, you'll find the helpful ‘Foundation Summary' that will help you quickly revise the key points on the chapter you've read and then comes the great Q&A section which consists of around 20-25 questions to test yourself on.

Overall, I admit the book has left a very positive impression. Easy to read and follow with plenty of examples, questions and answers to help you get through the CCDA experience.

If you believe that a book is a good companion for your professional success, then this one will surely become one of your favourite!

A well earned 4/5 without hesitation!

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