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Windows Vista Crashes Blamed On Nvidia

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Jack Writes: Boston - According to a 158-page pack of e-mails released as part of the Windows Vista Capable lawsuit, 30% of Vista crashed were caused by problems with Nvidia drivers. The report in regards to Nvidia drivers on Vista comes from Ars Technica. They have stated, after reviewing the pack of e-mails released, that in 2007, 30% of all Vista crashes were due to Nvidia drivers. The report states that Nvidia caused 479,000 of the 1,663,748 Vista crashed Windows logged last year over a period of time.

Behind Nvidia, it was found that Microsoft drivers caused 17.9% of crashes, following by ATI causing 9.3% and Intel causing 8.8%.
This comes a month after U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman ruled in favor of consumers. Pechman stated that consumers have the right to continue class action lawsuits against Microsoft over their Vista Capable advertising campaign.


Many consumers were none too happy with Microsoft in how they handled their Vista Capable campaign.


The idea behind it was to educate consumers to teach them which computers would be capable of running Windows Vista Basic.


Microsoft is hoping to fix a lot of the current bugs with the release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, which was made available for download on Microsoft’s Windows Update Web on March 18.


Microsoft will push the fixes to those who get automatic updates starting in the middle of April.


Vista SP1 fixes many of the big bug problems with the operating system.

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