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CCNP Video Mentor from Cisco Press Now Available

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Indianapolis, IN—March 28, 2007 — Cisco Press, which broke new ground in 2006 with the CCNA® Video Mentor, announced today the launch of the CCNP® Video Mentor, which prepares candidates for all four current CCNP exams in one package.

The CCNP Video Mentor is a DVD-ROM software product featuring 16 videos totaling more than five hours of visual instruction. The videos teach configuration concepts for the practical portions of the exams and multimedia tutorials offer insider tips and tricks.

In each 10-15 minute video, senior instructor Kevin Wallace walks users through basic configuration tasks. Each video lab presents suggested reading lists, detailed objectives, lab diagrams, command tables and video captures. Audio instruction offers tips and shortcuts, while animated network diagrams show users lab setup, device addressing, and how traffic flows through the network. Video screencasts of the router and switch CLI demonstrate command entry, configuration techniques, and device response.

"For several years now, Cisco has included simulation-based assessment in its CCNP exams,” said Brett Bartow, Cisco Press executive editor. “These simulation questions require users to perform basic configuration tasks, adding another level of complexity to the certification process. This product truly helps candidates become better prepared for this aspect of the exam.”

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CCNP Video Mentor
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