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Understanding and configuring the Cisco Smart Care Service

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The Cisco Smart Care service is the most advanced support and warranty coverage services Cisco has offered until now.  The Cisco Smart Care service not only provides enhanced warranty coverage, but also includes a free 24/7 around the clock monitoring of your Cisco devices covered by the Smart Care contract.

Our six-page in-depth technical article will show you what the Cisco Smart Care service is all about, what's included in the service, how the Cisco Smart Care appliance is installed, configured and updated, plus the configuration of the service via the Cisco Smart Care portal.

This technical article is a world-first  with over 35 pictures and screenshots, as there is no other site providing this level of detail.

Following is a brief summary of the covered topics:

- Introduction to the Cisco Smart Care Service

- Cisco Smart Care Service

- The Cisco Smart Care Appliance

- Configuring the Appliance Network Settings

- Updating the Cisco Smart Care Appliance

- Assigning & Enabling the Cisco Smart Care Appliance

- Discovering Cisco Devices

- Inventorying The Discovered Cisco Devices

You can begin reading about the Cisco Smart Care Service by clicking here:

Introduction to the Smart Care Service

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