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Cisco Lab Update - Pretty Pictures Included

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Since we're trying to be as open as possible about the state of the Cisco lab (so you can see it being built before your eyes), here is a major update:

We've posted the lab configuration diagrams. At present there are 4 labs covering:
1. Basics & Introduction
2. WAN link setup
3. Complex WAN setup over frame-relay using RIPv2 / IGRP / OSPF
4. Switching and STP over redundant fibre optic links as well as VoIP

See the pretty pictures here. Click 'Read More' for the full list of topics that are covered.

LAB 1:
Cisco Router Basics
Cisco Switch Basics
Simple ISDN Dialup
Simple Routing

LAB 2:
Connecting Cisco Routers To Leased Lines
Creating & Testing ISDN Backups
Configuring GRE Tunnel For Security
Static Routing for GRE Tunnels & ISDN Backups

LAB 3:
Serial (Leased Line)
Frame Relay
Routing Protocols - RIP / IGRP / OSPF
Simple VLANs

LAB 4:
Layer 3 Switching & Routing
Spanning Tree Protocol
Routing Protocols - OSPF
Static VLANs
Trunk Ports
Access Links
VTP Domain

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