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Bill Gates to launch new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

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Jack Writes:Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect, announced in a speech at the RSA Security conference in San Francisco that new test version of Internet Explorer 7 is to be launched in summer.

Traditionally new versions of Microsoft browser appear with the new versions of Windows. IE 7 was not an exception being expected in 2006 together with Longhorn operating system. But growing demands to the internet security have forced Software giant to initiate an early release of the Program.

"There is only one thing standing in the way of realizing the potential of internet infrastructure: the concerns over trustworthy computing," Bill Gates said at the conference. "This is the top priority for Microsoft, and it will remain our top priority."

According to Microsoft the new version will be more protected from the bugs that make its 6th Explorer vulnerable to the attacks of Web criminals. Gates said IE 7 is to contain protection against viruses, spyware and account scams.

In addition to a weak protection, it is hard competition with such strong rivals as Firefox and Opera that also pushes Microsoft to speed up the release of the new version of Internet Explorer. Nevertheless Internet Explorer still dominates with the market share of about 90%.

It is said that Web Search giant Google also plans to produce its own Firefox-based browser.


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