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New GFI Network Server Monitor 7

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London, UK, 20 October 2005 – GFI today announced the release of GFI Network Server Monitor 7, developed to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

The new upgrade features a new component that allows enhanced configuration and status monitoring that automatically identifies and resolves issues before users report them.

GFI Network Server Monitor 7 also supports a number of enhancements that enable administrators to monitor status checks in distributed architectures, in addition to sending SMS alerts through third party email to connected SMS gateways.

Advanced automated checks

GFI Network Server Monitor 7 can monitor the status of a check by mimicking administration operations. The software can check the status of a terminal server by automatically logging in as the administrator, and carrying out administrator operations to monitor servers including IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Standard monitoring checks such as email delivery can be replaced with automatic checks to provide administrators with a more realistic assessment of network performance.

Enhanced SMS functionality

Administrators can now be alerted to a network failure by SMS text message through a range of channels, including through an SMS message to a connected GSM mobile, or network fax servers such as GFI FAXmaker to an SMS gateway service.

The upgrade also alerts administrators to a network failure through the Clickatell web email facility, or by any other third party email to SMS gateways. For backward compatibility, the software also supports the GFI Network Server Monitor 5.5/6.0 SMS engine.

“GFI Network Server Monitor 7 has been designed to reduce administrators’ workloads,” said Andre Muscat, product manager at GFI.
“All too often, administrators are overloaded with false warnings and follow-up requests, making it hard to prioritise their time effectively.
The new approach taken by Network Server Monitor 7 mimics administrator activities, thereby automating complex activities and allowing administrators to focus their attention on more pressing tasks.”

Network monitoring for large enterprises

GFI Network Monitor Server 7 now enables performance monitoring across architectures usually found in large enterprises.
A reporter wizard allows administrators to retrieve status views in granular architectures such as nested folders, allowing them to detect, prioritise, isolate and resolve faults more quickly.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server and Access databases

Further enhancements include the ability to store monitoring data to either a Microsoft SQL Server or a Microsoft Access database.
The facility allows administrators to centralize the monitoring results of multiple network server monitor installations from one place, further increasing the response time to unplanned network downtime.

Network Server Monitor 7 is GFI’s latest addition to its portfolio of market leading network security, content security and messaging software technologies.

Today, GFI’s award-winning solutions help its 300,000 customers – including NASA, Volkswagen, and Coca-Cola Beverages – to build a robust and secure infrastructure. The organization also boasts GFI SecurityLabs which allow the organisation to research new areas of danger for computer networks.

A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, GFI’s experience in development on the Microsoft platform and its strategic partnership with Microsoft continues to allow it to grow at an astounding rate.

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