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Website History

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This page was created so that the community would be able to view the major changes made through out's history. You'll be able to see what looked liked when it went online for the very first time back in 2000, up to its latest major site-wide changes and complete redesign!

Please note that by clicking on the images, a larger image will load.

27th December 2000 27/12/2000The website idea starts to take form ... but is only online for a few hours per day via a 56k dialup connection :)

1st January 2001 1/1/2001Still trying to find a suitable "look" for the site, even tried one of them "make a site in 5 min" websites, but it didn't quite look the way it was suppose to!



16th April 2001 16/4/2001 The site finally gets its official layout and now looks somewhat decent. Hosted now on one of Chris's NetWare servers, connected to a 64K ISDN line, it was adequate for the amount of visitors it was receiving!

A few weeks down the track, the line was upgraded to a 128K ISDN and was generating 1,5 Gigs of traffic per month!'s potential was clear from the very start:)

30th October 2001 30/10/2001's menu gets updated and some small modifications are done on the top section of the welcome page.

Around June 2001 the site moves from Australia to the US due to the large amount of traffic, which is around 3,3 Gigs a month. This relocation reduces down time and increases the download speeds for everyone!


10th September 2002 10/9/2002 stops using frames as the whole site is converted to PHP scripting language so users now get dynamically created pages.

This gives the site's layout greater flexibility and along with the code clean up, ensures faster loads. Also, the new PHP Poll is added giving us the ability to have high quality online polls!


15th June 2003

history-19-9-03-thumb While the site gets a few small updates on its interface and graphics during the year, the 15th of September 2003 was the last day of's old interface as we introduced the new and powerful web portal system.



15th September 2003

history-2011-09-13-small The first CMS portal introduced at Based on the popular PHPNuke CMS system, this portal helped bring new services to its community and tightly integrate member accounts, forums and articles. ran on this CMS for 8 years and earned almost 100 Million page hits during this period!



15th September 2011 6th November 2011On the 15th of September 2011, upgaded to a new CMS system, giving the site a much needed face lift but also system upgrade.





19th FEBRUARY 2014

On 19th February 2014 upgraded



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