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novel group 6.0

17 years 9 months ago #12151 by Lindows
novel group 6.0 was created by Lindows
Hey guys,

i recently came across a job opening with a it company, but they want experience with a program called novel group 6.0. basically its for organizing tech support resources i think. Does any one know, where i can buy it, i want to practice with it.

17 years 9 months ago #12161 by DaLight
Replied by DaLight on topic Re: novel group 6.0
Do you mean Novell Groupwise? It's a direct competitor to Microsoft Exchange. Check out this link .
17 years 8 months ago #12643 by Lindows
Replied by Lindows on topic Groupwise...
Hey Dalight,

I came across the website, your right it was Groupwise 6. o. I found some trail software, i'll give it a shoot.

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