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Asking the mobo change help

18 years 8 months ago #11286 by warrior
i have a novell 4.11 server running with Intel 810 mobo. suddenly the m/b was damaged and i have to change the m/b. the new m/b that i have used, is also intel 810 but its not running. it ask for the server name: [SERVER] then the no.. [802].. when i restart the server .... it repeats same. how do i configure the new m/o?plz help.. i'm a very new user of Novell.

18 years 8 months ago #11328 by monsky
have you tried to check the autoexec.ncf? it is where you can find the "file server name SERVERname". or after it asked you about the server name and other configuration you must save the autoexec.ncf using the install module using the command "load install" . from there you can find the edit autoexec.ncf and edit startup.ncf. choose the autoexec.ncf then you will see the FILE SERVER NAME. try first saving this using the ESC key then save. then CTRL+ESC to go to console and DOWN the server.. try this first then keep us posted.
14 years 8 months ago #32586 by ScottS
Replied by ScottS on topic Motherboard
What model board did you take out of the server? I might be able to help. I have a friend that has new older motherboards in stock ready to ship. Is this is a Pentium 3 server socket 370 with sdram?

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