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free IP address managemet tool

10 years 8 months ago #38413 by kchong_14
Hi I am looking for a software that I can use to manage my ip-addresses. Now i am doing it with an excel sheet.
I have looked into solarwinds, infoblox, manage engine, etc. All of those cost tons.

I need a simple tool, that I can use to replace my excel sheet, I dont need any fancy network discovery, DHCP manager, auto discovery etc. Just plain one-to-one replacement of my excel sheet. Which can automatically check what ip addresses are in use, which subnet is still available etc..

Please help! maybe some open source tool? or any other software where the cost is not so high?

Thanks in advance!

Kenneth Chong
10 years 8 months ago #38414 by Nevins
Hello kchong_14,

I'm not sure if this is what you want but, one option would be to simply log into your router and use the built in options on your router. At any given time you check check dhcp lease with the "show dhcp lease" command. If you need a historical logging you can turn on logging with the "dhcp enable ip-history" command and save it to a log file of your choosing. Directions for managing that logging can be found below.

In addition if you need to check non-dhcp addressed devices you can make a simple batch script which pings using arp -a and then appends the results to a text file which you can load into a database of your choosing.

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