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Checkpoint Site-to-site VPN not working

11 years 5 months ago #38191 by dinesh8642
Hi guys,

Referring to the above diagram, I have created this VPN scenario in VMware. I have configured a simple Site to Site VPN. Iam trying to ping or telnet from the inside network (from winxp) to the opposite site's internal network but doesn't go through and I am getting 'destination host unreachable'. Neither im able to see any ICMP packets in the smartview tracker. I also tried to ping from one firewall to the other and the ping works and also shows in the smartview tracker too,so this gives me a confirmation that the VPN setup is working fine but the pings from inside pc doesnt go through to the opposite site's pc . Iam unable to figure out why this seems so difficult .

I need your expertise please guys,solutions to this scenario will be really appreciated.
thanks in advance

Attachment VPN-diagramforforum.jpg not found

11 years 4 months ago #38196 by chrnxR
hey dinesh8642,

from what you've written i'd guess its a firewall issue. Maybe a rule configured to not forward client traffic? Anyways, would you plz reupload the picture since its too small and i cant see anything on it. Write me your feedback and we'll have a look...


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