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File Sharing Between Networks (Win 7)

9 years 8 months ago #38575 by Amitko

I have two Win 7 PCs that are on different LAN segments connected to a Fortigate firewall.
First PC is a wired ( and has a shared drive called Shared. The second is wireless laptop (, that specific laptop needs access to that drive.
There is no AD, which results in two networks, wired and wireless computers being in different workgroups.
Ive tried to map the drive in the laptop "\\\Shared"
Ive allowed all type of traffic between the computers on the external firewall and disabled the windows firewall on the wired PC. but still no luck.

Should be possible, but cant figure out what im missing. any help is appreciated :)

Amit K.
9 years 8 months ago #38576 by Amitko
NVM, file sharing on public profile was turned off :ohmy:
9 years 2 months ago #38629 by robb005
try some file sharing software, there are some free available
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