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VPN Server and Proxy server

14 years 3 months ago #33948 by ardeef

I just want to know if you can configure/install a vpn server and a proxy server in one box without a connectivity issue/problem.

I have a proxy server , but when I configured it to be a vpn server as well, I can not already connect to the internet. What could be wrong and what should I do?

BTW, its running on Win2k3 server. Thank you!
14 years 3 months ago #33954 by S0lo
I don't see why they can't work as long as the open ports used for both services are different. VPN ports are as the following:

PPTP : Ports 47 and 1723.
L2TP: Port 115.
IPSec: 50, 51 and 88, 500.
SSL VPN: Port 443.
MPLS-in IP: Port 137
And for VPN hardware, ports 500,4500,10000 and 10001.

So for your proxy server, check thats it's not using one of the above. If it is, Try to change it.

Tel us what happens.

Studying CCNP...

Ammar Muqaddas
Forum Moderator
14 years 2 months ago #34041 by kanna84
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14 years 2 months ago #34050 by nitesh2101
can u pls provide me how u configure vpn server and proxy why dont u try microsoft ISA server u can configure vpn (pptp) and proxy server both with security .. :roll:
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