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Windows partition disapeared

17 years 3 months ago #20630 by freenet
Hello everybody ,
I had windows xp but when installed linux redhat i have no more windows dispite the fact that i clearly specified to keep untouch all the the existing os during the linux install process i dont know how happened you have any idea about how to make backups or something to recover my windows and all the data and next install linux without erasing any existing data.
Ill be very gracefull.
thnx in advance
17 years 3 months ago #20643 by TheBishop
Oh dear.
You might have come unstuck at the point where you loaded/configured the linux boot loader (Lilo or Grub). In my view as a linux newbie this is one of the big weaknesses with linux distros - they hold your hand (well some of them do) while you're installing but then expect you to know what to do at this critical point. I would boot the machine from a live CD (Knoppix or BartPE) and use the built-in tools to see what partitions you've actually still got on the disk. If your Windows partition is still there you should be able to get it booting again by restoring the MBR.
Once you've recovered you might want to post in the Unix/Linux forum for help through the Linux installation process
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