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Centos 5.0 Webserver

17 years 1 month ago #22087 by Lindows
Centos 5.0 Webserver was created by Lindows
Hey Guys,

I just build a webserver at home using Centos 5 running ISPConfig. Well all is well, the services run great on it, and i can ftp and run my wep pages on it. Now, my problem is, how do i setup the server to be viewable to the world. I head ISP's block port 80. Do i have to purchase a domain. or create a dyndns account. Also i heard its best to put a web server on a my routers DMZ. Well, if i do so, do i assign a address of

This is my first time hosting from home. Im open to all opinions and ideas.

Thanks again,

17 years 1 month ago #22116 by DaLight
Replied by DaLight on topic Re: Centos 5.0 Webserver
You mentioned that you heard that ISPs block port 80. Not all ISPs do this and you may want to check that your ISP definitely does this. A simple way would be to go to and run the "Shields Up" test from the web server. You will need to do this with port 80 forwarded to the web server.

Re: DMZ settings
The exact details will depend on your router, but it will generally be an internal private IP.

In addition you will want to be sure that your web server has all the latest security patches installed. If your ISP does block port 80, you will need to run your web server on a non-standard port if you want to run it at home. Alternatively you could use a web hosting service.
17 years 1 month ago #22121 by chandak76
Replied by chandak76 on topic Re: Centos 5.0 Webserver
Hi, I have the same qustion, but from what I've read ispconfi runs on port 81 and you have to do thia " " so it runs on port 80,5 also d on't have a registered domail but would like to know if ispconfig would work with dyndns
17 years 1 month ago #22140 by Lindows
Replied by Lindows on topic HI
Well i attached my isp assigned ip address to a dyndns service. The assigned the server On my router, it says i can assign the DMZ done an ip address. but in that field is Also another feature lets me assign a dhcp to the dmz. Do i keep the static address on the server box and configure my router to assign a ip automatically. I still a little confused on the issue. In the mean time, i will check out if my isp blocks port 80 or not with the website provided.

If they don't block port 80, what steps should i take.


17 years 1 month ago #22164 by DaLight
Replied by DaLight on topic Re: HI
It's usually best to assign your servers static addresses, so simply type in the address you assigned to your server in your router's DMZ settings.
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