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CPU Hungry Websites

11 years 3 weeks ago #38385 by S0lo
CPU Hungry Websites was created by S0lo
Over the years, I've always observed the state where "The faster the CPU and hardware advances, the slower software becomes and brings the speed down again". I used to work very swiftly with that old laptop thrown on the side (now 8 years old), Now it's the slowest PC that I think of, I can only use it for word processing.

I can understand the demand that advanced GUI and newer feature rich applications have, but the question is were is the sealing, how far can an OS, spreadsheet or word processor keep eating CPU to deliver only minor additions hear and there?, some times only cosmetic!!

Now, it seams that notion has extended to websites!!, Many are becoming more and more CPU hungry, and I can't see for what? They won't show up slow if you had i5 quad core, but they will if you had any thing before an i3. I've seen simple menus that can eat 50% CPU while opening. Pages that have like 10 Youtube video's eat so much, just by displaying (NOT playing). Sure it's an old PC yea, but your are a WEBSITE, not a 3d video game or a weather simulation. Similar websites viewed very nicely 5 years ago with those same old (new then) computers.

The thing is, your i5 or i7 will start to feel slow 5 years from now simply because of OS, software and websites. It seams that since many programmers TEST their software/website on their NEW computer, they tend to forgive a 1% or 2% CPU usage which will show up high in older computers. This allows programmers to get away with inefficient code just because their own hardware can run it faster.

I admit that this post was rather a diffuse of my own frustration rather than a technical aspect of things. But I guess my point is, PROGRAMMERS should do a better job in terms of performance testing.

Studying CCNP...

Ammar Muqaddas
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11 years 2 weeks ago #38388 by Nevins
10 years 11 months ago - 10 years 11 months ago #38411 by truesdq
Replied by truesdq on topic Re: CPU Hungry Websites
Yeah you are right about the programmers as they should think twice thrice while Coding for an application more rich with minimum CPU eater ...
Sometimes something Comes in these ways as to be imbeded advanced features
Or to make up to the application to be more decorated to attract the attention of the market (make up is Power)
but Generally if you will look at the web sites today ,,, e-g Youtube (other tube sites) before 5 years the feature weren't seen as todays you can , if you brig arrow on the videos ( thumbnail in playlist) it will quickly showing/displaying the videos highlights (turning some frames of the start/middle/ends)in very short time of period rather than playing the video, now you will like to play or Proceed to check other pieces.
These kind of features like more rich scripts for cookies as web site runs in the background to keep your full record for your easiness...
etc , etc ...
So that is why Today' web sites eat more than before 3 or 5 years ago...
Although some web site seem to be so simple but if dive in deep, one cames to know they aren't...

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