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Try this magics with Microsoft

11 years 11 months ago #38048 by sose
I got this from another forum

This are 3 Things or Magic that MICROSOFT Could not Explain to Us! TRY this out & Pls Share your Candid Opinion by Posting your Comments.

Found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the Computer which can be named as "CON" without the Quotes. This is something funny and inexplicable? At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this happened! TRY IT NOW, IT WILL NOT CREATE A "CON" FOLDER. After Trying it, I thought it's Impossible to Create a Folder with 3 letters but i was able to create many Folders with just 3 letters but CON, No way.

Again this is something funny and can't be explained? At Microsoft the whole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened! It was discovered by a Brazilian Programmer. Try it out yourself? Open Microsoft Word and type "=rand (200, 99)" without Quotes And then press ENTER, Wait and see the magic! Is this a Bug or What??

Magic #3
Am sure you all know that a flight number from one of the planes that hit one of the two WTC towers in U.S by Osama on 9/11 was Q33N. In Notepad / WordPad or Microsoft Word, type that flight number i.e Q33N. Increase the font size to 72 then Change the font to Wingdings, You will be amazed by the Findings, You should see the Picture of a Plane, 2 Tower Building and a Symbol meaning Danger.. This has actually been in existence even before the Incident.. Microsoft should be able to explain this.

Microsoft should be able to explain this.
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