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9 years 7 months ago #38577 by Superhugo1

Can someone explain how should I configure a cisco firewall asa5555,with a cisco 3945 Gateway and Gatekeeper with a cisco CUCM BE7 10x as a central deployment with many SRST 2911 remote branchs in case of WAN failure?
I am unsure how do I have to configure ASA to be able to permit SCCP, MGCP and SIP protocolos and dont add latency to the WAN,
9 years 7 months ago #38582 by Chris
Replied by Chris on topic ASA FIREWALL TRAVERSAL
Hi SuperHugo and welcome to
The configuration for your deployment is certainly not something that can be simply covered in one Forum reply.

It is possible to provide a diagram of some sort for everyone here to see?

My understanding is that you have CUCM BE7K with a 3945 VG at HeadQuarters and also have a number of remote sites with 2911 acting as a SRST router in case WAN fails.

Creating a backup WAN network wouldn't be too hard, however it does require some careful planning and has certain requirements.

Can you let us know what type of WAN infrustructure is available at your HQ and remote sites?
How Fast are your Internet lines?
How many users browse the Internet at HQ & remote sites?
How many concurrent calls do you require between HQ and each remote site?
What codec are you currently using for calls to remote sites?
Do you have any requirement were each remote site can or might talk to each other?
What capacity are your current lines running at?



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