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Natural career progression

14 years 2 months ago #34252 by Arani
Replied by Arani on topic Thanks again
Thanks Solo, much appreciated.

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11 years 10 months ago #38091 by anoop
Hi am anoop. I completed certfifications like ccna,ccnp,ccsp,ceh,cptp,cpte,certified python scripting,oscp,osce and cissp so these are my certifications with almost 2 years of xperience. Could u please sujest me the salarie i would get if i apply fr a new job in middle east,usa,uk or india. Please help me by providing this information.
11 years 10 months ago #38099 by Nevins

You've obtained quite a few letters, enough where you should be able to do quite well for yourself in any of those places. Realistically it's hard to take all those letters and put them in a bottle and create a salary for you based on the certification alone. You could look up each individual cert and get a number for that for each country on google pretty easy but, getting a combined value is going to be hard because there aren't too many people with exactly the same certifications you have. Your best bet is to contact a recruiter in each country talk to them about salary ranges to get an idea of what the area offers then make your choice accordingly. Be aware using the recruiter to find job placement is completely optional but they should be able to get you the information about how much you are worth per letter in each area.

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