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Passing my ICND1 Exam

14 years 7 months ago #33139 by FlipRich
Replied by FlipRich on topic Re: Passing my ICND1 Exam
I think the ICND1 was harder than ICND2. I barely passed ICND1 and blew ICND2 out the water.

The hardest part was adjusting my mindset. When I started studying for my ICND1 it made me look at networking from a whole new perspective.

The hardest part is adjusting. Everything else is just details.

Network Engineer /CCNP, CCNA-S
Tallahassee, FL
14 years 7 months ago #33167 by TheBishop
Replied by TheBishop on topic Re: Passing my ICND1 Exam
The only kit you need really is a switch and a router, and as others have said you can pick those up on Ebay or in other places for not too much. You do need the familiarity with the IOS and the commands that playing with a real box will bring. And no matter if you can't try out absolutely every command on them, once you get slick the ones you learn from the book will slot right in amd make sense
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