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PIX Question...

21 years 4 months ago #288 by gippoz
PIX Question... was created by gippoz
i have configured a Cisco Pix with 3 ethernet interfaces:

outside x.x.x.x (public ip address)
it's ok!

inside have security-level = 100, dmz = 50 and outside = 0 so i can view the home page of my web server on the dmz (
from outside by means of NAT and an access-list in interface outside, and i can view it from inside too (by means of security level)....but why the ping from inside to dmz don't respond? why i can view the web server from from my lan to but i can't ping it? or it can't respond me?
In the inside and dmz interface i don't have any access-list, it's a good idea to make an access-list for this interfaces?
Thanks and compliments for the web site :=)
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