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huge audience!!!

9 years 6 months ago #38590 by johnyb98
huge audience!!! was created by johnyb98
Good evening.

Let's assume that we have a conference, a social event, etc. The central point and problem is that if there is big/huge audience that follows the rapporteur, each man/woman of the audience has at least one wireless device that needs to connect to the internet. Now, I know that I should be more specific, and that's why I will give some more details.
1. Let's assume that we are talking about 120 people is the audience.
2. Each one of these people has only one tablet or just one laptop. With its own device each one of them want to have a wireless connection to the internet.
3. With this connection each one will do simple things:web pages openings, facebook, sent e-mails with no attached files (only text), etc. Simple things like that.

So, for the time, without any details about equipment:is there a possibility in such a scenario ALL the audience to work with no problems? No speed problems, work and the people to be satisfied with internet speed? Not from time to time (e.g. each 10-15 minutes) internet connection crashes? etc...

This is the first part of my questions.

Thank you in advance.

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