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Wism :: Can wism receive parameter from php script?

13 years 2 months ago #36616 by apit
hi there...

my office using WisM (WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9) as wireless controller , Cisco 1130 access point and Cisco Secure ACS 4.X Solution Engine 1113 Appliance as radius server. For username and password, we take it from existing Oracle database.

The problem is the password that store in oracle database is in encrypted format. Base feedback from our database administrator, the encryption is done by oracle - application layer and cannot be decrypt back.

To tackle this problem, we decide to use external script in php to verify the username & password...The php script will check directly from oracle database. If the username & password match, it will sent a boolean true (1) to the Wism controller and if the username & password not match, the script will send boolean false(0) to the Wism controller.

My question is, can WiSM module talk to php script? Can it receive boolean parameter from php script?

Please advice

13 years 2 months ago #36620 by Nevins
The simple answer is yes.

The less simple answer is: yes, you can use php to compare to string variables and then somehow get a yes/no match answer back to a device that has a gui or command line interface. The catch is you may need some intermediary code to make it work.

Initially I would research if there is a way to directly pass the infor to the wireless controler. However if that fails I would mostlikely set up an sql server to pass text back and forth between the user operating the php page and the Wireless controler mostlikely using autohotkey or some other scripting method to parse the data to and from the Wism controler as if an operator was doing it. Yeah it's a hacky work around but mostlikely there IS a direct method to do it.

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13 years 2 months ago #36622 by apit
i think wism don't have any features to accept external script...just guessing...

if setup a new sql server, i think the problem still the database will pass an encrypted text to the sql server...
13 years 1 month ago #36636 by S0lo
I'm definitly not the right one to answer this, but I believe there are ways to let your RADIUS do authentication using Oracle database. Have a look here:

The above is for FreeRADIUS. I assume here that your RADIUS server is doing the Authentication and that your Wism is using the RADIUS server.

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Ammar Muqaddas
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13 years 1 month ago #36648 by apit

thanks for the info..

Base from the diagram :

Do the FreeRadius authenticate username & password using it's internal oracle database or external oracle database?

The main issue for our environment is that the field for password is encrypted in oracle database & cannot be decrypted because of some issue. If using internal freeradius database, i think there is a problem with the encryption password. When export username & password from existing oracle database to freeradius oracle database, can freeradius read the encryption password?

Please advice.

13 years 1 month ago #36662 by S0lo
I'm not sure if FreeRADIUS has an internal Oracle database, I doubt it. What seams to appear from the diagram and document is that it can connect to an EXTERNAL Oracle server.

The basic idea is, if you can connect the Wism to the FreeRADIUS, and connect the FreeRADIUS to your oracle server, things should work.

Note: These encrypted passwords are probably HASHES (like SHA1). Hashes cannot be decrypted, they are designed this way. Authentication happens by applying the same hashing function on the user password and then comparing them with the database hash for that user, if they match, the user can login.

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Ammar Muqaddas
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