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Dot11Radio-wireless router connection ???

12 years 11 months ago #36579 by networker333
Hi everyone! i believe it's not difficult for you people to solve my prob, you are professionals guys! Well, thanks in advance... using cisco packet tracer, i need to connect 2 routers using wireless, i think the

Dot11Radio interface

is appropriate, using the

HWIC-AP-AG-B module on the routers.

- I managed to understand how to connect a router and a PC using that same method of Dot11radio (by consulting the samples available in Packet tracer).

-I also googled a lot to get configuration samples and notes, but STILL nothing...

-I need to connect 2 routers using dot11radio, ssid, etc and be able to ping each other interfaces.

-Can anyone plz help me with a simple sample of config or any URL to some notes, i would be grateful. and ASAP plz.

Thnx in advance, atleast for reading my post :)

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