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What to consider during site survey

14 years 3 weeks ago #34788 by pedenski

i was assigned to survey a company site and they're planning to deploy a wireless network.

Aside from the barriers and metal objects that can reflect RF signal what are the common practice when surveying a site and what are the things to consider when deploying a wireless network?

14 years 3 weeks ago #34790 by JamieP
how the signal will need to be deployed, will you need a wide dispersal, or a directed signal to one location, as all of this will help decide what AP's, arials etc.. to use.

looks childish, but cisco have quite a good game to help understand wireless a little better, might help you;

Jamie Parks
Network Engineer, UK
14 years 3 weeks ago #34819 by TheBishop
Are you surveying a site, to see what their coverage is like? Or have you been asked to plan/specify an installation to provide a desired coverage? The two are very different.
14 years 3 weeks ago #34820 by pedenski
I was assigned to specify an installation of wireless access point to provide coverage to a certain building location..
11 years 3 months ago #38276 by markspend1
Hey Guys i think that one of the biggest difficulties to developing and applying a wireless network system is deciding where to put your access points.Many factors, such as rain, plants, and tangible surfaces, can impact the alerts from wireless routers.However, for any organization planning to set up or increase a wireless system, a site survey is a wise decision before the wireless is installed.Thanks a lot!!
11 years 3 months ago #38277 by Nevins
I highly suggest when setting up a new wireless network to segregate the wireless from the wired traffic.

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