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Configuring a Cisco router w/ AP + 4 port switch

13 years 11 months ago #34309 by djroketboy
Hey guys, I'm configuring my router (2821) to use a 4 port switch (HWIC-4ESW) and a AP (HWIC-AP-AG-A).
I have created VLAN 2, added each of the ports to the VLAN. Then I went and created a bridge (BVI1) and added that to VLAN 2. For BVI1 I added a IP helper to my DHCP server, but am having some weird issues...

The problem I'm having is that my xbox360 will not automatically grab a IP when its turned on, I have to go into the network settings switch it to manual then back to automatic and it will populate immediately. The DHCP server is a Server 2008 DHCP server, the xbox has a static lease (reservation) on it.

I know this is way complicated, everything *seems* to be working (if you connect via WiFi via a computer it grabs a address strait away.

If you have seen something like this before and have a pointer, please let me know :)

13 years 11 months ago #34314 by djroketboy
stupid stupid me... it's fixed.

just so everyone knows, if you plug a xbox into a cisco switch/port make sure to turn on portfast.
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